Sanguk Kim – Music Director&Composer

Sanguk Kim – Music Director&Composer

Sanguk Kim is a music director and composer writing various types of music based on his Korean traditional heritage. He is interested in multidisciplinary works, so has widened his activities not only concert music, but also music collaborated with film, dance, and theater.

In his twelfth year, he started studying Korean traditional music  with a geomungo, a traditional Korean ziether, which has drawn much of his inspiration. He has represented his music and awarded with prominent traditional Korean musicians. His one of the representative piece Flow won an award at the Korean Music Project in 2010; this piece was performed in many places including the Symphony Space, New York City in 2011.

Including the film Banja-jun, he has worked for animations, plays, musicals as a composer and music director. Goghs, a collaboration of drawing art and musical theatre, was played successfully during 2011-2014 in Seoul, Korea.

He earnedand a Master degree of Music in composition at Mannes College The New School of Music studing with David Loeb; and a Bachelor degree of Music degree from Korean National University of Arts studying with Junil Kang and Junhee Lim. He is currently studying at the UC Santa Cruz for his doctoral degree since 2015.

He finishes his course work in 2017; then moving forward to writing his dissertation piece. He is also pursuing a career as a conductor studying with Bruce Anthony Kiesling since 2015.

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